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Corvallis Super Fan 750 The Game Best Female Sports Fan Runnerup.

November 4, 2011

Knights Fanatic Nicole Weathers Earns Air Time on John Canzano's The Bald-Faced Truth Radio Show

Corvallis Super Fan 750 The Game Best Female Sports Fan Runnerup.

The Corvallis Knights have cultivated thousands of devoted fans since the franchise was relocated from Gresham before the 2007 season.

Few can match Nicole Weathers (pictured with John Canzano of The Oregonian in her Knights' WCL champs t-shirt) when it comes to passionately supporting and promoting the Knights. The 35-year old Corvallis resident - the community outreach director at Synergea Chiropractic, a Knights' team sponsor - is a walking, talking, enthusiastic, 24/7 human advertisement for her favorite West Coast League baseball club.

Her advocacy of the Knights may have hit an all-time high in October, when she entered a contest to discover Oregon's "Best Female Sports Fan" on The Bald-Faced Truth, the daily radio show hosted by columnist John Canzano of The Oregonian from 3-6 p.m. on KXL 750 AM.

"A friend told me about it and said, 'How are you not in this?'" said Weathers, a mother of four sports-minded daughters who was a cheerleader and dancer while growing up in Dallas, Oregon.

"So I bugged John on twitter until he told me to call in, and fast-forward, I got on the air a handful of times and beat a bunch of other women and got to the finals."

Weathers represented on her trips to KXL for live broadcasts. She donned Knights gear for all her appearances on the show, and plugged the team whenever possible.

"When they were interviewing me they wanted to know what my favorite teams are and why I love them. So of course I talked up my Knights," Weathers said. "Canzano probably mentioned the Knights 20 times during one show. I made sure to wear Knights stuff two of the times I was in studio.

"One of the times I wore the WCL championship shirt with a tribute to the Bend Elks player [Cam Christian] who died in a traffic accident, on the arm."

Weathers finished second in the contest to "Crazy Blazer Fan Sheri," a Portland Trail Blazers booster who has tattoos of her favorite teams, got married in a Trail Blazers jersey and even had several team members call in to promote her cause.

However, Weathers made a serious impression as well. "Blazer Sheri" may have won, but Weathers also got a prize and - more importantly, she thinks - on-air commentary opportunities.

"John was really looking for a female perspective and voice for the show," Weathers said. "So [Sheri] gets the title, we both get the prize and I get the on air gig, which is fine with me!!

"I may even get a jingle."

"I will be offering opinions on all sports stuff but mainly college, Beavers and baseball since those are my 'areas' " of expertise, she added. "I'm not sure how big of a role I will have and all that yet. It's still in the works and will grow as the audience sees fit."

What isn't "in the works" is her passion for the Knights. Weathers and her four girls (10, 8, 5, and 3) attend almost every home game and cheer on the Knights from their seats behind the third base dugout.

"I became a huge fan of the Knights when our office became the official team chiropractor," she said. "We got to know the people in the organization and the guys on the team and got even more into it as our kids have.

"We love spending the summers at Goss Stadium."