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Knights Announce First Staff Member of the Year.

November 2, 2007

Corvallis Assistant GM Holly Jones Earns Honor

Knights Announce First Staff Member of the Year.

Corvallis Knights team president Dan Segel announced that Holly Jones, the team's 2007 assistant gm, was named the club's first staff member of the year.

"Holly did an outstanding job last off-season and summer. She put her heart and soul into launching the club and represented the organization very well. Looking back, Holly and her intern team hit a homerun at the ballpark. They really did a super job and made Goss a fun place to be," said Segel. "We will make this an annual honor. It's fitting that our three-year veteran, Ms. Jones, is our inaugural selection. She loved the Knights and is a true professional. We wish her the best in her post-school endeavors."

Holly Jones is a senior at University of Oregon and expects to graduate next month.

Jones grew up in Eugene and graduated from Churchill High School.

Holly was an intern for Knights Baseball Club in 2005 and 2006 and took on the role of assistant gm in 2007. This past year, she helped with marketing and recruited the club's game management staff that included students from Oregon State University and University of Oregon.

Jones is considering a career in sports and recently interviewed with the NBA. She also is researching advertising & public relations opportunities.